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Innovation at Highway Assurance​

We operate and maintain our own fleets of vehicles from 3.5 to 18 tonnes and have the capability, financial stability and technical expertise to design and develop our own fleet of vehicles.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and safe working methods our CEO has worked in conjunction with Mercedes and Vauxhall to design and develop our own specialist TM vehicles.

Traffic Management Mercedes Sprinter Vehicles and Vauxhall Tail lift Vans

Our design has eliminated working from heights further ensuring the safety of our workforce.

We have also designed and developed our vehicles with a dual sided chevron traffic light ramp. This design has eliminated the need for towing and manual handling of traffic lights and equipment the lights are confined within the safety of the vehicle.

Impact Protection Vehicles

We have specialist Mercedes Econic cabs with cross cab access. This cross-cab access allows operatives to always get out of the vehicle on the non-live trafficked side.

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MyMobile Workers

Highway Assurance have invested in the future and the environment with “My mobile worker” (MMW) .

MyMobileWorkers ensures there are secure health and safety processes in place. It keeps management safe in the knowledge that their workers are safe by completing mandatory digital compliance checks when undergoing daily jobs.

Features such as vehicle checks, enforced photographs, GPS tracking and scheduling allow for better health and safety practises.

By having access to real-time information, managers can see exactly how long each employee works, how they are using their time and whether their work schedule aligns with safety policy.

A process can be put in place to enforce on-site photos, which are then uploaded straight to the office where a member of staff can verify that a safety procedure has been properly conducted before the job can continue or be completed. Highway Assurance will allow our clients full access to MMW so they can access real time information to cut down on emails and phone calls.

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